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Community Conservation Area Appraisal

Locus Consulting developed and delivered a programme of stakeholder training and community engagement for the appraisal of a potential Conservation Area in Earlsdon, Coventry.

The project was funded as a pilot study by Historic England, and delivered in partnership with Coventry City Council.

Three bespoke workshops built capacity in two key groups:

• The local community, to improve understanding of how and why Conservation Area status would be appraised, designated, and applied in future development- and conservation- management scenarios. This helped the community better engage with the management of change in their area, allowing them to more effectively champion the significance and values of local heritage.

• Local Authority planning personnel and elected members, aiming to improve awareness and understanding of how Conservation Areas define the special interest of an area and how it can be positively managed through planning.

The project report can be downloaded here

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