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Sutton Town Centre Historic Area Assessment

Locus Consulting was commissioned by London Borough of Sutton Council and Historic England to undertake an historic area assessment for Sutton Town Centre.
The project was a flagship element of Historic England’s Heritage Action Zone initiative, aiming to unleash the power of England’s historic environment to create economic growth and improve quality of life in villages, towns and cities.
The area assessment provides an evidence base for the town centre’s historic environment. I can be used to understand what defines the heritage significance of the area, identify its distinctive character and appearance, and highlight issues and opportunities for change.
This new understanding is allowing for more informed management of Sutton’s historic environment, assisting planners, property owners, developers, specialists, local communities and others in shaping a sustainable future for the town centre. The resources champion the centre’s distinctive sense of place, which is anchored in centuries of growth, change, and prosperity. The renewed value of local heritage is being capitalised upon, enabling a long term role in achieving environmental, social, and economic benefits.


The project “gateway” document can be downloaded here


The full research report can be downloaded here

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